How To Submit

Here are some tips on "How To Submit" Your Photos & Information. Please read everything carefully, and once ready, click the "APPLICATION FORM" button on the right to complete your submission.

When submitting to The Brock Agency, Inc.

  1. The first step is for you to send a picture of yourself or your child, preferably by email. Snapshots from home are fine. No food faces for children and just everyday photos are fine but we had rather have photos of the child by themselves.
  2. One or two photos is enough, a headshot and a full body shot is what we need to see if you have a "look" we are looking for at the moment. For children no make up in photos is preferred as well and the more natural all photos are the better. All photos should be jpeg email attachment and no larger than 72 dpi
  3. If you submit photos by mail we do not return photos so please do not send your master disk or one you want returned or photo original prints.
  4. About us, we are an exclusive agency and if this is not what you're looking for you need to know before submitting. We submit for projects nationwide and get our talent and models placement with larger agencies in bigger cities if that is what you're trying for. We also submit across nationally and across the Southeast.
  5. The next thing we will need to know in your email is your location, state and city and if you have a resume please attach that as well in Word format.
  6. If you have sent photos by mail and want to check to see if we have received them, calling the office to check is fine. Office hours are Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST by appointment only

We look forward to seeing your submission!